Three Boats Saved In The Rescue Operation

On Friday, a rescue mission was launched in the mid-Atlantic after some vessels that were involved in sailing race encountered some trouble. The vessels faced hurricane-force winds and high seas.

In Halifax, the Joint Task Force Atlantic (JTFA) responded to distress calls that were made from three vessels. The vessels were involved in the race of transatlantic between the Rhode Island and U.K.

Royal Canadian Navy Lt. Len Hickey said soon after the midnight, emergency beacons went off the boats. In the accident, out of three boats, one lost its mast and rest of the two suffered damage to its rigging and hulls.

Hickey, all three vessels were not big size; none of them was longer than 15 meters.

No Canadians on boats

Out of the three boats, one of them had two sailors on board, and the others had one sailor in each. So far the sailors nationalities were not released and identified, but it is clear that none was them were Canadian, Hickey said.

The condition of the weather in the area was reported as stormy along with hurricane-force winds. It was between 90 and 130 km/h.  (more…)