BBC Commentator On Rio

With the Olympic sailing news being presented across the world, there was a comment made by a radio presenter for BBC that might have gone a bit racist with a reference made to the Somalia racing team.

The presenter was speaking on behalf of Radio Cumbria. He was giving out the results of a particular sailing event when he referred to Somalian kidnapping as well as piracy. He referred to Somalian pirates while he discussed results about the Somalia team among others at a sailing event that was ongoing at Rio.

The joke made was at a late show on BBC Cumbria which Ian Timms hosts. Many think that the comment was controversial while others think that the comment was a bit too unkind and racist as well. The clip included Ian says that the sailing results that have come in with team GB having claimed gold.

Denmark claimed silver while Somalia included a middle aged couple who have been going on sailing tours around the world, and most recently practiced on a Split Bareboat Yacht Charter. He stated that the Olympic coach of Somalia apologize to the officials when the sailing and shooting games were seen as different events for which the teams were apparently not prepared for. For those who have been following the Somalia’s team in the Olympics, they would have seen Mohamed of the country leading his team in the opening ceremony of the games.

The jokes instigated varied opinions which were voiced on Twitter. Many users of social media quoted the comment but did not react to the same while others said that the joke was a savage one. Others stated that it was a racist comment to make that should not have been made on radio. There have been several instances when BBC commentators have been caught on the wrong side for controversial comments that they have passed on the radio.
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