Britons Win Gold At Miami World Cup

The first day of the Sailing World Cup Miami was a good day for the British sailors as two sailors walked away with the gold medal.

The 49ers class was won by the new British pairing of Dylan Fletcher-Stuart Bithell. They struck gold even before the final medal race and they had a wonderful showing at the 49ers race. The pairing of Ben Saxton-Nicola Groves took part in their first regatta event after their Rio stint in the Nacra 17 event to end up in the top position of the multihull standings.

Fletcher and Bithell are taking part in the first World Cup as a team after they joined hands in the autumn. They were very happy with the very good showing that they put up at the 49ers race in Miami. They went on to win five races in the event and ten scores inside the top 5 in the 13 race series. Their stupendous show ensured that they won the gold medal even before the start of the final race.

Bithell said that he was very happy with the result that they have achieved in the 49ers class as it is a very tricky class. They were able to come out with outstanding results when they sailed well and this is why the pair was able to win the race. He said that he and Fletcher were new to the scene as a pair and is still getting things sorted out between them. They were able to pick up bigger results despite making a few mistakes.

Bithell said that this was the first World Cup for both of them and to achieve this result in just over a month of joining hands is a remarkable feat. They are looking to move along and strive hard to get closer to the Kiwis and even surpass them.